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Issue 1


In this issue ~~

* Welcome to "Living the Creative Life"!

* What Is Creativity?

* Creative Tip

* Wise Words

* Bookshelf


Welcome to "Living the Creative Life"!

The purpose of this newsletter is to present ideas for creative artists to live their lives more elegantly, and for all of us to tap into our inherent creativity to enhance our lives.

Topics that will be addressed in future issues include:

~ Income and job issues

~ Self-care and health

~ Dealing with rejection and discouragement

~ Career changes

~ Dealing with life situations creatively

~ Using imagination

~ Ways to enhance creativity

~ Having fun with your life

I hope you enjoy and benefit from the articles to come!



What Is Creativity?

Since the focus of this newsletter is creativity, I thought I'd begin by defining what creativity is. Many people have the misconception that creativity is something that only artists, writers and performers are blessed with. Not so. Everyone is creative. It's one of the gifts we're given that helps us thrive as human beings.

While creativity is not just about being in the arts, we can get a sense of what it is by looking at the artistic process. When someone is creating, what qualities do we see in action? Focus, imagination, inspiration, being in the moment are some of them. Creators learn skills and technique, but they go beyond it. These are qualities of the artist, but you can bring them to any endeavor, be it business or pleasure.

Creativity can mean bringing fun to a job that would otherwise be drudgery. It can mean doing something that's already fun in a new and different way that makes it even more pleasurable.

Several years ago, I worked for a boss who managed a group of us who were young, aspiring actors and filmmakers. She constantly deferred to us as the creative ones, and yet she was one of the most creative managers I've ever worked for. She brought tremendous flexibility and imagination to everything she did.

Creativity is:

~ Being imaginative

~ Being present in the moment and responding freshly to each situation

~ Being willing to try a new approach

~ Trusting your intuition

~ Using your unique gifts

~ Allowing yourself to be inspired

~ Bringing enthusiasm and energy to whatever you're doing

~ Working synergistically with others

~ Doing something for the joy and fulfillment, even if you're not "talented" at it

Look at what creativity means to you. Be creative in your quest!


Creative Tip

When confronting a choice, ask yourself, "What would a winner do in this situation?" Follow that guidance.


Wise Words

"Part of the secret of creativity is learning to look at things in different ways. Children are very good at this, as their minds have not yet hardened into set patterns."

~ Jean Houston, A Passion for the Possible



(click on the book graphic to see a description at Amazon.com)

A Passion for the Possible . . . Jean Houston

The Artist's Way: A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity . . . Julia Cameron with Mark Bryan

Think Like a Genius: Use Your Creativity in Ways That Will Enrich Your Life . . . Todd Siler



© 1998 Sharon Good. All rights reserved.

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