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Writing and Publishing Coaching 

"Success depends on the support of other people. The only hurdle between you and what you want to be is the support of others." ~~ David Joseph Schwartz


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Writing your first book can be a challenge. Even experienced writers can go through difficult periods. While you may have to do the writing alone, writing doesn't have to be a solitary experience. Having a coach as your partner can help you move through your project more quickly and creatively, and it can be more fun!

As your coach, I can:

  • Guide you in defining and developing your subject matter (nonfiction)

  • Assist you in planning a workable writing schedule and sticking to it

  • Offer tips to help you stay focused

  • Help you break through blocks, resistance and stuck places

  • Provide a "reality check" when it doesn't feel like the work is going the way you want it to

  • Help you see clearly when you get too close to your own work

  • Guide you in finding resources

  • Offer you support and encouragement

  • Give you feedback on your writing (nonfiction)


Start Now!

To schedule a free introductory phone session to explore how coaching can help you with your writing, contact Sharon Good at 212-564-2073 or sharon@goodlifecoaching.com.


"Sharon helped me to attain my goal of getting to the end of the first draft of my novel, something I'd been trying to do for years. Her tactics to keep me on course were many and varied, but I especially liked the way she also tried to get me to find the solutions myself. It was great training. I will be able to use these resources for attaining life goals in the future, and some of her techniques are now part of my regular writing routine." ~~ Judith Clay

"Your coaching helped me overcome many of the psychological blocks to writing which probably stop many beginning writers in their tracks. Your writing experience shows and is extremely helpful. You are very good at picking up aspects of a problem that the person doesn't see themselves, helping them see it in a new light. Thank you for your help!" ~~ Dawn Zablocki

"Ms. Good is very knowledgeable about the writing process and the obstacles a writer can face when working on their projects. She has practical suggestions for writers to overcome obstacles and blocks. Her vast knowledge of the publishing industry can help a new writer looking at various options available to them." ~~ Nicholas Seferlis


Publishing and Self-Publishing

Once your book is finished, you'll want to have it published. Without a guide, the publishing world can be a mystery to navigate. When you're ready to consider publishing options, I can help you:

  • Evaluate the pros and cons of pursuing a traditional publisher vs. self-publishing

  • If you choose to pursue an agent or publisher, help you draft a query letter and proposal



Publishing your own book can be an exciting and gratifying experience. Having a book can enhance your speaking, teaching or business career, lending credibility and offering an opportunity for additional income.

With all the technological advances and support systems currently available, publishing your own book is easier than ever. But the myriad of details and timing involved in the process can be daunting for a first-timer. As an experienced publisher, I can:

  • Help you set up your own imprint or choose one of the established

  • Point out the steps you need to take

  • Help you plan a strategy and timeline

  • Help you find professional support and resources

  • Assist you in creative decisions

  • Offer you support and encouragement

  • Save you money!

Start Now!

To schedule a free introductory phone session to explore how coaching can help you with publishing your book, contact Sharon Good at 212-564-2073 or sharon@goodlifecoaching.com.


"The world of book publishing is mind-boggling. Sharon Good helps you clear the fog through her well-organized teleclass on book publishing. One of the helpful tools was her Cost Production Comparison Chart, which clearly lays out the aspects you need to look for in choosing an [Internet] publisher and gives useful information about publishers. I highly recommend Sharon and her class. ~~ Hershey Wier, Speaker & Consultant, ANEWIST Consulting, Osaka, Japan / U.S.A.

"Taking this little class made publishing a book a little bit more doable. You certainly offered a very thorough, organized and informative class, and the handouts will be excellent to refer to." ~~ Pamela Stern

"Sharon made my first publishg venture so much easier! She held my hand through the process, helping me make creative decisions and find quality resources at good prices. I couldn't have done it without her (at least not as easily)!" ~~ Wendy Weiss, Author, Cold Calling for Women





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